Common behavior? Stardog designer deleting projects without indication

I am on a Stardog free account, and since the beginning of the week (6/5/23) my projects have been deleted from Stardog designer:

This has happened twice: I return to Stardog Designer (on Monday (6/5) and Thursday (6/8)) and the projects I have on gone (two on the first occasion, two on the second occasion).

Is this a result of the free subscription? Or other?


Hi Jamie,

Designer projects are specific to the browser you are using. If you change browsers or clear your browser's local storage, your designer projects will also be cleared.

You may always export your Designer project. The exported zip file contains a file with the extension .stardogdesigner. This file can be imported to create the same project in Designer (drop-down menu next to New).


Good to know, thank you for the information. Perhaps it is the local storage, because I have used the same browser (and computer) to access Stardog.