Unable to access old projects on designer

I am unable to access all the projects created on stardog designer. Seems like all the projects are removed from the designer. Can you help retrieve the projects?

From what I understand, the projects listed are held in temporary storage on the client (i.e., your laptop). Therefore, if the client clears the temp directory the information goes away. Best to export your design files and keep them locally / on the client.

I asked this question a month or so ago, try searching for it or look under the Stardog Designer tab.

My projects were hosted on the cloud instance. Does it still keep a copy on the client (my laptop)?

Hey there,

Designer projects are stored in your browser. If you switch to a different computer/browser or clear your browser's local storage, you won't see them.

When you publish a project, Stardog Cloud also downloads it to your computer. If you have a file with the extension .stardogdesigner, you can import it on Designer's homepage.

If you didn't save them and don't have access to the browser in which your projects are saved, you can also create new project, add an existing model and iterate it as needed.


Henrique Soares