Editing is disabled for "default"

I see the following error message:

when I am in Studio:Models section.

I want to edit the "Text Editor" tab, but cannot??

Hello Renato, this a rather cryptic message refers to the "default" reasoning schema as per [1]. This is defined via DB property "reasoning.schema.graphs" as "*", i.e. all local graphs per default. Since "all local graphs" (tag:stardog:api:context:local) [2] is an abstraction for querying purposes one can't edit it's contents. You might either let the default reasoning schema point to a custom named graph populated with your model or select another reasoning schema:

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 17.01.26

[1] Inference Engine | Stardog Documentation Latest
[2] Query Stardog | Stardog Documentation Latest

Thanks....got it now...
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