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Expand and collapse any item. Should go hand in hand for any connections.
Today in Explorer we can expand any item that has some connections or details. We cannot collapse most of the item types. This annoying in navigating.
Items that have other as part of it show the number of its part. One-click and the part’s items show within the broader item. One-click more collapse. This is nice. However, other items can only expand, not collapse. Right-cling and you get Expand by and the three variants, Instances of, Metadata, and Relationships. Here you can select and filter what you like. When some things are expanded from the item, I would like to have Collapse also on the right-click context menu.
I know the “Dismiss” function. And than one can multi-select item with and dismiss. With several items on the canvas this is juts unpractical.
First screen snip with expand. Second where I look forward to seeing Collapse. Is there any thought to make such a function?


Thank you for your valuable feedback, Einar!
Am I correct in assuming that the Undo button is not sufficient for what you're needing? This will undo the previous canvas change such as an expansion.
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Hi Paul.

Thanks for the suggestion. I find undo ok for unlucky clicks, like double-click instead of single-click type of mishaps. When you are 15-20 navigational steps forward and you want to keep those steps between -19 and -1, the undo to step -20 is rather less practical. The number of navigation steps fast get well into double digit space.

Thanks, Einar.

Einar, thank you for clarifying. Please note that I've added this as a feature request for our product team to consider.

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Paul Ambro
Engineering Manager, Stardog front-end applications

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