Generate project design documentation?

Hi community.
I am search for a function or a way in Stardog, preferable in designer, to generate a comprehensive documentation. A documentation that comprises of what is defined at the time of generation. Only use the UI to jump in and out of separate detailed views is less favorable some stakeholders. I want to give a link/document for people to consume.
I have searched around in docs but no luck so far.
What do you use in your shop?
Is there a method from Stardog that give a practical path?
Or should I go to some tolling outside Stardog?



Hi Einar,

There are a couple ways through Stardog to share your work with others.

You can invite users to your Stardog endpoint using the Quick Actions Invite users link from


Then, from Explorer, provide a share link to the views you would like your shareholders to have.


An alternative would be to have the user use Designer. This would not require the user to have permissions on your Stardog endpoint.
Stardog Designer projects can be shared with other users by exporting the project and having the user upload the [project name].stardogdesigner. The user would have all the details from your project and could export the project if they wanted the technical details, like the ttl file defining the data model.

If you are only looking for technical documentation of your Designer project, you can export your project. More details on the zipped folder can be found in our docs for Designer Publishing.


Hi Laura.

Thanks for your quick answer. I did figure out those variants. It is not what I look for.
"... to generate a comprehensive documentation. A documentation that comprises of what is defined at the time of generation." Something that can be delivered as a web page or even a PDF document. Web doc for standard W3C or other ontologies are examples or something in such a direction. I now see that Stardog is not there now. Is there any advances in your plans?

What does people use out there to make doc and make ready for consumption outside Stardog tool. access. Good suggestions is appreciated.
Designer with only temporary store in the browser is still a concern to me.

Regards, Einar.

Do you have an example of what you are looking for, even if it was manually created so we can better understand what you are looking for?

Documentation for consumption outside of Stardog could take many forms, technical documentation for versioning tools like github, technical documentation for users to read about classes or properties with a graph background, more business-oriented users looking for the model visualization, summarization of data tied to the model, etc.

Hi Laura.

Primary use case is for people needing practical documentation. And simplicity for the producer, so it actually is done.
I have seen a few open-source variants. Each look to do part of the job each. And need some work to use for given purpose.
Ontospy – example on Medium by the author. Generating Ontology Documentation in a minute | by Gökçe Uludoğan | Medium
Widoco - part of the University Polytechnic Madrid (UPM) Linked Open Terminology (LOT) tooling. Example page - Gallery
LinkML – From the OBO community has doc generation. It is from model representation in yaml files, transformers exists. From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory It is a comprehensive tool set.
Integrated tools are clearly best. Otherwise, we need to do tool chain integration our self.
Widoco show ok form of doc example.
Vendors possibly 'should' level with open-source work. Or utilize.


Thank you, Einar. These examples help us to understand better what you are looking for. I've captured your suggestion for our product team.

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