How to visualize a RDF* graph

I am quite happy about the RDF*/SPARQL* support in Stardog. I have created a construct query that returns an RDF* graph but now I am unable to visualize this with any graph visualization program. The ones I use do not support RDF*. Do you have a recommendation? I used to use gephi with semantic web plugin, which doesn't support RDF*. For a property graph, I'd need either separate node/edge tables or graphml or graphviz output. How can I create this from RDF*? Any help appreciated.


One method that you could use would be to generate intermediate nodes and reify your edge properties. Say you have the following example from our docs:

:Pete   a { :since 2010 ; :until 2018}   :Engineer ;
		:worksAt { :source :HR }        :Stardog .

You could utilize bnodes to generate the same info without edge properties in it:

construct {
    ?emp a ?type ;
         :workTimeframe [
             :since ?since ;
             :until ?until 
         ] ;
         :workplaceInfo [
             :worksAt ?place ;
             :source ?source
where {
    <<?emp a ?type>> :since ?since ;
                     :until ?until .
    <<?emp :worksAt ?place>> :source ?source .

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