It isn't clear what SRS is

This is just a little thing but down in the lower right where you choose the type of tab, sparql, trig, turtle, graphql, etc I have no idea what SRS is. Stardog Reasoning Service? I don't recall ever having seen SRS in the docs. It seems like a combination of stuff including ICV.

That menu is all together a little confusing. What's JSON? Is it JSON-LD? and what is TXT. JSON and TXT doen't have any options and I'm a little confused about what exactly you'd do with them other than maybe using TXT to hold some notes in Studio.

There seem to be two groups of options down there querying (sparql, graphql) and file editing (trig, turtle, shacl, etc)

Having an "add constraints' button on the editing pages seems a little strange because I can't ever imagine writing some turtle and then thinking, "humm...I think I'd like to make this a constraint". I think I'd be much more likely to open something as a constraint and then choose the syntax that I'd like to write it in.

Hope that's helpful.

Thanks for this; it is helpful.

Re: SRS, it is Stardog Rules Syntax.

Re: JSON and TXT, you're right that there isn't currently anything that you can do to Stardog from Studio with those two languages. Still, there are some uses for each in Studio. JSON is used for editing your user preferences, for instance -- you can open these from the Studio application menu -- and could also be used for displaying JSON results (there was a time, for example, where you could view Stardog query plans as JSON in Studio). Having JSON available as a language also allows you to view/edit arbitrary JSON documents (including JSON-LD documents) with the benefit of things like syntax highlighting, error diagnostics, etc. That might be helpful for cases where you've saved results of queries to the filesystem as JSON-LD and want to go back and view them (with more assistance than unhighlighted plain text provides). TXT is really there mostly as a convenience (since the editor supports it out of the box), but it also provides a way of viewing/editing other knowledge-graph-related data (e.g., CSV data) without leaving Studio.

Re: the constraints editing experience, we agree that there is a lot of room for improvement there; we're happy to say we've got some improvements coming down the pike very soon, so be on the lookout for that!


Gotcha. I think what was confusing about JSON and TXT was that I think of Studio as a Stardog client and not a general purpose editor. That and I’d probably just use vi for some of that stuff. ( maybe if I had vi key bindings :wink: ) but it makes sense now. It might help if there were at least a couple of buttons at the top, open, save as, etc. Without anything at the top like there are in other panels it has an unfinished look like there’s something missing.