java.lang.UnsatisifedLinkError: no Starrocks in java.library.path

I just installed Stardog on a Windows 10 laptop and was trying to start the server with stardog-admin server start and I get the error java.lang.UnsatisifedLinkError: no Starrocks in java.library.path. I am running java version 1.8.0_231. I do have a STARDOG_HOME environment variable pointed to c:/var/stardog and the stardog-7.1.1 folder is on the path.

What did I do wrong, or not do correctly? Thanks!

Stardog is supported on Windows by running it through a Docker container. You should follow the instructions on the "Docker" tab at

Right, sorry, started on my Mac and switched over to Windows box and lost track of Docker... Thanks very much.

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