License request for stardog on Windows 10 fails with a cryptic message

I am following the instructions from the url: Windows Installation | Stardog Documentation 7.5.1 to install stardog on my windows 10. I ran the following command from powershell and the command terminated with an error of illegal char. Please advise.

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin> .\stardog-admin license request
Illegal char <"> at index 0: "C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1"\stardog-license-key.bin

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for the report. I just verified this working locally on my Windows 10 environment. Can you verify you have the STARDOG_HOME environment variable set?


I was able to reproduce the same error you are seeing when STARDOG_HOME is not set. Let us know if that helps resolve your issue. I'll open up an internal ticket to improve our error message here.


Hi Noah

Thanks for your reply. But I have setup the STARDOG_HOME environment variable. I still get the same error. Please see below:

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin>set STARDOG_HOME="C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog_home"

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin>.\stardog-admin license request
Illegal char <"> at index 0: "C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog_home"\stardog-license-key.bin

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin>echo %STARDOG_HOME%


Can you try removing the quotes around the path you are setting equal to STARDOG_HOME:

set STARDOG_HOME=C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog_home

Thank you it works now, but has a new error:

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin>set STARDOG_HOME=C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog_home

C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog-7.5.1\bin>.\stardog-admin license request
Thank you for downloading Stardog.
A valid license was not found in C:\Users\All\Documents\stardog-latest\stardog_home.

Hi Krishna,

Were you not prompted to download a license?

Here's what the beginning of the license download workflow looks for me.

D:\Users\stardog\stardogs\stardog-7.5.1\bin>.\stardog-admin license request
Thank you for downloading Stardog.
A valid license was not found in D:\Users\stardog\stardog_home.
Would you like to download a trial license from Stardog (y/N)? y
Contacting Stardog..............
NOTE: By downloading a Stardog license you agree to be bound by our evaluation agreement.
This agreement can be found at

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