Login required twice

On the first attempt to log on Stardog Admin web interface, the system denies the access, so username and password have to be entered twice. The second attempt works fine.
The issue occurs on Chrome and Safari, I couldn't check different web browsers.
Did anybody experience such a problem?
Is is possible to avoid this behaviour?


Yes, the first challenge is the server challenging for credentials to serve up the web page itself, and then the second login is "logging in" to the served-up web app.

Behaviors like this are among the reasons why we are deprecating / have deprecated the web console in favor of Stardog Studio.

Thanks Stephen for your quick response.
I've just started to use Stardog, as far as I understand Stardog Studio is an application to be dowloaded and installed on the computer. We use the Stardog web console just to let some users to submit queries to the triple store via a Web Browser, without to install any particular program on their computer.
So, advanced users definitely will be using Stardog Studio, but the possibility to use the web browser is useful for us as well. Is Stardog actually planning to dismiss the web console keeping only Stardog Studio?

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