MyConnections dissappearing

I had previously posted this but then deleted it when I thought that maybe I was just doing something stupid and would repost it if it happened gain.

So I'm running Studio in Docker and I can add a connection under MyConnections and everything is fine. I can switch between connections and I can open a new browser window and see the connections. After about 24hrs if I open a new browser window the connections are gone. I sill had a browser window open previously and the connections are still there and I can switch between them. I have not restarted the docker container during this time.

I don't know exactly which version. It's not the latest. I pulled the image a couple of months ago.

This is strange and shouldn't be happening. The information should be stored in the browser's localStorage. Is it possible you're clearing that every now and then? Or maybe a browser setting is causing it to be cleared every day?

Also, just to confirm: your saved connections are lost, but the overall state of Studio is not entirely reset, right?

That's correct. I'm running Firefox 68.6.0esr or CentOS 7. I'm not clearing anything out manually or changed any of the default settings but I don't know what default behavior for localstorage is.

I'll keep poking around to see if I can narrow down when It's happening. I'm not clearing out localstorage nor do I have any settings that would do that.

Is there a possibility that opening a second window somehow clobbers the previous contents?