Recommendation for Geo ontology and internet data source

To sell the idea that StarDog can integrate external knowledge and data,
I want to focus on importing a Geospatial ontology with a public data source.

The Geospatial ontology could be simple city in-a state in-a country, i.e. am not interested in calculating distance between points or regions in a map.

The key feature is that the data source must be available on internet and that StarDog has a connector that can reach the data source.

My data has has a location that is in-a city name or lat-long
I would like to hook my data set into the geospatial data set.
Any recommendations?


Hi Johnz, where you able to POC on this concept? If so, do you mind sharing how you accomplished this as I'm currently looking to do undergo similar POC but on an Organization ontology from