XML Data into Stardog

Hi, I am new to Stardog and learning these days different features of Stardog. Now I want to do some experiment with it. So I have following plan :
I have XMLs, having same format.
I want to define KG (Data Model or Schema) for those.
Then I want to load all those XMLs data into Stardog.
Can someone please help from where I have to start this? I mean any documentation or guidance?

I have Stardog on my windows machine already up and running. Also I can connect my local Stardog with Studio. Thanks.

Ok, Based on XML files, I generated OWL Ontology for XML file and imported the model into Stardog. However, now I want to load the data into this model from source XML file. Now I don't have any idea how to do it. I tried a lot of things like convert XML to RDF first and load into Stardog but it didn't work (also not a nice approach). So if someone can help to load the data now from XML to stardog.

I have had the same question.

Would you consider a simple pre-process transform of your XML to JSON?

That’s the route I plan to go down unless I get guidance otherwise.

It does state on db-engines.com (see image below) page for SD that it supports the import of XML yet, like you, I have found no documentation outlining how.

What file extension did you use for the OWL/RDF XML?

SD figures out the format by the extension. Did you use .owl or .rdf?