Seeking Studio feedback (earn an Amazon Gift Card)

Hello everyone,

I'm Talal, I recently joined Stardog to improve the user experience of Stardog Studio. I want to hear about how you've been using Stardog Studio; details below on how to sign up for a ~30-60 min feedback session.

It doesn't matter how long you've used Studio, be it a minute or a year, you're the right person to talk to. Even if you've just been using Stardog via CLI, I'd be curious to see you trying to work with it for the very first time during our session.

I'm looking for users that can have a remote online conversation & feedback session with me (If you're in the Arlington/DC area and can meet in person then even better!).

I'd ask you a series of questions regarding your experience with Studio, and may also ask you to share your screen and show me how you use Stardog Studio when necessary (this is optional). A session may last from anything b/w 30 minutes to an hour. You'll get a $25 Amazon Gift card for your time!

If you're interested you may use the following link to sign-up for a session:

Let me know if you have any questions.