Sharing and git integration in Stardog Cloud

Two questions about sharing & version control with Stardog Cloud:

[1] Is there a way to share models, graph, and/or databases across users in the same subscription? In different subscriptions?

After some exploration - would this capability be possible through the Security tab in Stardog Studio, where one would add a user, providing the username of the account that I would like do share resources with (e.g., -- see image below)?

[2] Is there a way to integrate content created (e.g., models or databases) in Stardog Cloud with git?


When you say "share ... in the same subscription", my guess is that you mean that you want another user who has created a Stardog Cloud account to be able to access the Stardog endpoint where you a working. The easiest way to do that would be invite a user via their email address.

After you log in to Stardog Cloud, you can use the "Invite Users" quick action:

You can also share a specific view in Stardog Explorer:

A third approach is the one you describe, where you create a user in Stardog Studio, and then provide that username and password to the person to whom you are granting access.

Regarding your second question, we do not provide direct integration with git.

Thanks for the quick reply (and filling in the details) @PaulPlace.