Stardog cloud instance suddenly gone

Hi community,

Logging in to my Stardog Cloud instance, I only see

Working on it the last days via API, everything was fine. Then trying to log in just now, there was no instance any more - all I see is "You do not have any saved connections."
Now also the API doesn't work any more

Maybe it is connected to this issue:
“Stardog Cloud instance has been reclaimed” - Stardog Cloud - Stardog Community
but in contrast to the description there, I did not receive an email or anything, nor does it say something about the instance being "reclaimed" - looks like it is simply gone as if it was never there.

This happened before once, a few months ago, but now that it appears again I'm starting to get worried.
Can you help me understand what happened here?

In the meantime I guess I can only get a new instance and start over uploading the data...

Thank you!

Hi Jasper,

The other post that you linked is exactly what happened. Your instance was reclaimed yesterday after not logging into the cloud portal ( for at least 2 weeks. You should have received an email from us about 7 days ago asking you to log in to prevent this.

In the future, you can prevent this by logging in at least once every 2 weeks to the portal (you don't need to interact with your instance in any way). Interacting with your instance via an API does not meet this requirement though, which is why you have to log in regularly.