“Stardog Cloud instance has been reclaimed”

I just got an email saying that “Your Stardog Cloud instance has been reclaimed.” All of my data has been erased.

I built a website that queries that database. It was regularly processing queries. But, because I didn’t log in to the Web interface for two weeks (even though the SPARQL endpoint was regularly being queried), they deleted all my data.

Why was this not listed on the pricing page? “Hey, by the way, you have to log in every two weeks, or we will delete everything you trusted us with.

In fairness, Stardog did send me an email warning seven days in advance that they would erase the database. Unfortunately, it got buried in like 20 webinar invitations, marketing emails, and notifications about posts from this community. I am now having to re-upload my data and change the URL in all my config files to match the new one, not to mention re-deploy my website…

Come on. If there’s one thing a database company should be, it’s reliable. The worst part is, I would be happy to pay for this service if it were $20 a month, but they’ve priced it out of my range at $99. So I’m stuck using the free tier.

Well, guess I have to set a reminder to log in and do nothing every once in a while, because apparently using SPARQL on a SPARQL database doesn’t count as “activity”.

Hi Noah, I apologize for the inconvenience. We're still working out the details in how we present and manage the Stardog Cloud Free offering.

I have forwarded your comments to our Product team, as I think you have raised several good points.

For now, please log in to the Stardog Cloud portal (https://cloud.stardog.com/) at least once a week so that we properly track your instance as being in-use.