Stardog Studio as Notebook

The studio user interface resembles that of a notebook, e.g. Apache Zeppelin or Jupyter Notebook. Rather than building a whole notebook system from scratch, maybe the community would consider developing a Zeppelin interpreter (instructions).

Such an integration would ideally allow a user to write SPARQL queries within notebook documents, with syntax highlighting, and display results as tables and as graphs. Naturally the user could leverage markdown and code blocks, and even use document variables and UI widgets. It’s a very powerful interactive environment.

A related idea would be to package the Zeppelin environment as a desktop app.

You should be able to use a generic SPARQL interpreter.

I agree that a generic SPARQL interpreter would be useful here, but I’m not aware of one, are you? Also wondering about supporting PATH queries, GraphQL queries.

Note: the above repository is dead, there’s no actual interpreter implemented there AFAIK.

That’s right I came across it a while ago but had forgotten that it wasn’t implemented. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to do. Have you looked at Stardog Studio?