Stardog Studio Data Exploration view has disappeared

As of today, the icon for "data exploration" does not show up anymore:

Thanks @oli666 ! We’ve moved the "data exploration" experience which had been available in Studio to Stardog Explorer. Explorer is available at and is a much more visually lead exploration experience. Let us know if you have any feedback on the new app.

Hi @Laura_Firey, thanks for the hint. Is there a way to show a list of instances for a class in Explorer the way one could do that in the Data Exploration view of Studio? It is probably just me, but I cannot find a way of doing this ...

Explorer does not have the same overview of classes and properties that data exploration had. Instead we included a filter as part of the search which has all your defined classes included. If you're looking for a specific class, you don't need to select it from this filter but instead can simply search for it.


Thanks for the reply, Laura. I am sure you guys had good reasons to drop the data exploration from Studio. However, just as a feedback, I found it very helpful and handy to have the exploration in the same app as the data and the modelling view. Maybe someday you decide to bring it back :wink: