Explorer shows no data when filtered by named graph

I have a database that contains an ontology and different instance datasets. In Stardog Studio, the ontology was imported to the default graph (with a corresponding model created), and each instance dataset was imported to its own independent named graph. I have it structured this way so that I can query specific datasets. And accordingly, it works as intended. For example, I can query all instances of an ontological class that exist in a given named graph ("context" at the top), and the results will show. But when I go to Explorer, it doesn't work this way. I can see all the datasets and ontological classes together when no graph has been selected in the settings. But when I select one of the named graphs, all the data disappears and it never returns any search results. Ideally, I'd like to see the default model + 1 selected instance dataset at a time in Explorer. How can I do this? Thanks.