Studio broken with Chrome 94.0.4606.61?

Studio suddenly stopped working after I updated Chrome to 94.0.4606.61... I cannot find a way to return to an older version of chrome to test and confirm that the issue is indeed with this update, but there is a strong correlation at least. Is anybody else having the same issue?

The console returns those errors:

stardog.js:4650 GET http://localhost:5820/admin/token net::ERR_FAILED
stardog.js:4541 GET http://localhost:5820/admin/users/valid net::ERR_FAILED

It seems however that those two URLs work fine when opened as new tab.

I tried in an incognito window and it's the same. The only fix I found for now is to switch to using Firefox instead of Chrome.

Can you try pointing your browser at the HTTPS version of Studio?

That works! But how come it can connect to a server running on HTTP? I thought mixing HTTPS and HTTP was not allowed

At one point, mixing HTTPS and HTTP was not allowed. Now it's required in the case where you're connecting to a non-HTTPS localhost. This recent article explains some of the changes: Private Network Access update: Introducing a deprecation trial - Chrome Developers

ohhh interesting! Thanks :slight_smile: