Trying to create a Virtual Graph on salesforce using cdata driver but failing

Hi, I have been trying to create a Virtual Graph on a salesforce database. I am using cdata jdbc driver. Having error: object 'xyz' not found (Internal server error). But I have checked that object exists and also accessed the corresponding data using dbevear and java code.
The following steps I have followed:

  1. Installed stardog in an ec2 instance.
  2. Extracted the setup.jar provided by cdata and Put the cdata.jdbc.salesforce.jar file in stardoghome/server/ext/ directory.
  3. It was failing the above mentioned error.

Note: Stardog is working fine because I have created a virtual graph over an oracle database and it is working perfectly.

Hi and welcome! Salesforce objects/tables include the __c suffix. Can you try adding this to the object/table name?

you mean I should query : "select * from xyz__c"


This is required when using the Simba driver. Please try it and see if it works. I'll try it with the CDATA driver later today.

It is not working. It is throwing the same error.

Is "xyz" a custom or standard object? Can you try putting double quotes around the table name in the mapping?

It is custom object and I have tried putting double quote but having same error.

Can you try setting sql.default.schema=Salesforce in the properties file? If this doesn't work, you can use the virtual source_metadata utility to verify the schema and table name.

@Sutanu_Paul Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Were you able to get the query to run?

I am new to stardog. can you lead me where is the location of the property file?

If you created the VG on the CLI, the properties file is what you pass in to the command alongside the mappings (if any). If you are using Stardog Studio, you can set sql.default.schema in the Configuration popup for the VG, under "other options."

Thanks a lot mate... It is working.

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Thanks for confirming. We'll add explicit support for this CDATA driver so it works out of the box in the future. Best regards.

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