Unable to access http://localhost:5820/myDB on windows 10

I've just downloaded the latest Stardog 5.0.4 and installed in Win 10. My java version is 1.8.0.
After creating a new dataset with some triples, I can't access to the http://localhost:5820/myDB. It is a blank page.
However I can query myDB without any issue.
When debugging the page on Chrome, it shows that there are some 404 on trying to access to some .css (see screeshot)

How to solve the issue?

What is the full URL of one of those CSS files returning a 404?

Here are the list (.js and .css)

It looks like those are referencing a fairly old version of the web console. 5.0.4 should be looking for that stuff in localhost:5820/scripts and localhost:5820/styles. Chrome aggressively caches things, so I would make sure that no other Stardog servers are running, clear your browser cache (maybe even go to incognito mode) and try again.

IMHO, there is no other Stardog server running. It’s the fist time I am using it on Windows.
The errors are the same in all the browers (Firefox, etc).
So yes, I am still having the same issue

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