WebConsole not working Stardog 5.0.2


I have just downloaded the last version of Stardog 5.0.2

Started Stardog as such ./Stardog-admin server start

When I open the page at http://localhost:5820/ i see nothing, just links to stardog website.

This behavior is the same across all my the browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox)
Below is what chrome Developer Tools console shows

I had the same problem and it took me 3 days to figure that out!
The cause of the problem is “windows Firewall” blocks “java”.
Go and active your java both on “private” and “public” access in firewall setting.

I am on OSX. Does that apply to ?

Whatever block your java will be problematic.
I am not familiar with OSX but you got my very same error.
So something is preventing your java to show the content of the page and you have blank page.

Sounds like java is authorized on all my browsers, so i don’t understand the problem

I have enabled java in the browser via the Java Control Panel. I have enables Java plugins on all my browsers. Hence i wonder if that is the problem ?

The log

ERROR 2017-08-28 15:06:52,570 [XNIO-1 task-11] com.complexible.stardog.protocols.http.server.StardogHttpServiceLoader:accept(226): An unexpected exception was handled by the server
com.complexible.stardog.server.UnknownDatabaseException: Database ‘favicon.ico’ does not exist.
at com.complexible.stardog.server.UnknownDatabaseException.create(UnknownDatabaseException.java:28) ~[stardog-core-shared-5.0.2.jar:?]
at com.complexible.stardog.StardogKernel.get(StardogKernel.java:2627) ~[stardog-5.0.2.jar:?]
at com.complexible.stardog.StardogKernel.getConnection(StardogKernel.java:1075) ~[stardog-5.0.2.jar:?]
at com.complexible.stardog.protocols.http.server.GraphStoreProtocol.openConnection(GraphStoreProtocol.java:93) ~[stardog-protocols-http-server-5.0.2.jar:?]
at com.complexible.stardog.protocols.http.server.GraphStoreProtocol.getGraph(GraphStoreProtocol.java:106) ~[stardog-protocols-http-server-5.0.2.jar:?]
at com.stardog.http.server.undertow.jaxrs.ExtractRoutes.lambda$handleIt$5(ExtractRoutes.java:186) ~[stardog-protocols-http-server-5.0.2.jar:?]
at org.apache.shiro.subject.support.SubjectRunnable.doRun(SubjectRunnable.java:120) ~[shiro-core-1.2.3.jar:1.2.3]
at org.apache.shiro.subject.support.SubjectRunnable.run(SubjectRunnable.java:108) ~[shiro-core-1.2.3.jar:1.2.3]
at com.stardog.http.server.undertow.ErrorHandling.lambda$safeDispatch$1(ErrorHandling.java:70) ~[stardog-protocols-http-server-5.0.2.jar:?]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1142) [?:1.8.0_102]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:617) [?:1.8.0_102]
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [?:1.8.0_102]

That is when I try to access the Database query page, or browser. I get a blank page each time. I do not have those problem with the previous stardog.


We’ve seen this problem before with the embedded server. Is that how you’re starting up the stardog server? If so, you will need to specify the WEB_ROOT option like so:

Stardog aStardog = Stardog.builder()
                                  .home(new File(<path to your Stardog home>))

Options aOptions = ServerOptions.defaults()
                                        .set(ServerOptions.WEB_CONSOLE, true)
                                             new File(<path to Stardog installation dir>/webconsole/stardogweb).toPath());

aStardog.newServer().setAll(aOptions).bind(new InetSocketAddress(host, port)).start();

No, that was not the way.

I manage somehow, and i am not fully sure. but got everything to work.

I know that java is enabled in your browsers but it needs access which sometimes is blocked by firewall. Try to give access to java through firewall instead of the browser.