Unable to remove database completely

Dear support team,

I faced the following problem.

Some time ago I updated the Stardog version (7.4.5) and enabled SSL. Previously, it was running via Docker, now, I use the binary file. Maybe, during this process, I corrupted some of the databases and at least one database is not displaying anymore in the Stardog Studio.

  1. I decided to create the database with the same name again and got the following error:
  2. Then, second and more tries are causing this:

I still see a folder with the name of the not existing database in stardog-home. Creation of other databases works fine.

Can I remove completely the corrupted database to enable using this name again?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Aleksandr,

Thanks for the report. We're currently investigating similar issues and whether Stardog running inside a Docker container allows another instance of Stardog (outside of Docker) to start on the same home directory. This should normally be strictly forbidden since otherwise the data could indeed be corrupted.

Given your situation I'd suggest running stardog-admin db verify command on your databases to check integrity. Then you should use stardog-admin db backup (with --repair, if verify says it's necessary) to create clean backups of all databases. You can then start the server on a new, clean home dir and restore from the backups.


Also, if you pack up all LOG* files in your $STARDOG_HOME/data dir and send to us (possibly privately though those are just logs), we might be able to figure out what went wrong in the first place.


Thanks, Pavel,

I tried stardog-admin --server http://localhost:PORT db verify DBNAME, but it says Database 'DBNAME' does not exist (however, I cannot create one with the same name). The same is for db backup`.

How can I send logs privately?


Right, this is why you should recreate the home. But also verify the integrity for all other databases that are still recognised in the system.

You can email the logs to pavel@stardog.com


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