Unable to use MySQL database as a Stardog data source

I am trying to connect a MySQL database to Stardog in order to use it as a data source for a virtual graph I intend to create. I have run the MySQL server that contains the database in localhost with the default port. Then, I tried to create the data source in Stardog filling in the necessary fields, but I get the following error: "000012: Driver SQLServerDriver: 837 returned null for URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/Chinook".

Is there something I am missing? Am I supposed to install Stardog into my computer instead of trying to do it directly on the cloud version?

The MySQL database is contained in this repository.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Javier, welcome to the community channel.

It looks like the MySQL driver has determined that there's something wrong with your connection string. I'm basing this on this SO post, which might help you debug: java - Driver:com.mysql.jdbc.Driver@2b7374f8 returned null for URL - Stack Overflow