Windows Beta deployment

Probably a pretty basic question. I'm trying to deploy the new windows beta on my desktop to host a triple dataset

I've updated the java to jdk-8u251-windows-i586 and:
I've set my native variable path /documents/stardog/stardoghome

However, I am getting this error and not sure how to change it or what's causing it.

Native Library version does not match the version set by Java. It should be < 7.3.1>, but is <7.2.1-SNAPSHOT-20200320>. Stardog cannot run in this environment

I'm not a computer scientist so any support would be greatly appreciated. Any link to a step by step installation and launch guide with more detail and the manual would be awesome too.




This is a known issue with the Windows Beta build in Stardog 7.3.1. The issue is resolved in our latest release, Stardog 7.3.2. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.


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