Windows Beta release installation issue

HI team
Im trying to install stardog beta version for windows. I have set the STARDOG_HOME using the command set STARDOG_HOME=C:\Path\To\StardogHome following with the command .\install-service.bat in the bin directory and getting the errors -

  • Unable to open the service manager
  • Access is Denied
  • Common Daemon procrun failed with exit value:8
    Failed to install stardog server
    What can i do to fix this.I m using windows 8.1

I think I ran into something similar a little while ago. I'm not a windows person and was reminded why when trying to get it to work. I believe it's a permission problem and not a problem with Stardog. You'll need to run it as an admin user. The user I tried running it as had admin permissions but it didn't work. I think I tried the "run as" command and that didn't work either. If I remember correctly I created a short-cut and then you could change the user it runs as under the properties on the short cut and that worked.

thank Zachary .it started after using adminitrator comand line

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