Best approach for Continuous Deployment of VG, Datasources, DB etc


I have just begun understanding and using Stardog for a project and was wondering what would be the best way for continuous delivery/continuous deployment of Stardog related resources like virtual graphs, database, datasources etc.
Currently, I manually change the VG/datasource through Studio, but like all manual processes, this is error prone too.
Please suggest.

Thank you.

Hi ,

You can refer Stardog Command Line interface documentation.


@Himanshu_Kapoor - Are you suggesting to use CLI commands to write automated scripts for the deployment of VG, datasources etc. which are committed in Git?
Or is there any other way?

@PallaviA You could use python wrapper library / REST API to automate deployment of, but not limited to

  1. RDF Namespaces
  2. Data sources
  3. Virtual Graphs
  4. Named Graphs

If am getting it correctly , you want to automate creating the datasource ,VGs on Startdog. If my understanding is correct , yes you can write the shell/batch scripts to automate this stuff and can use CLI commands as part of your script to create these resources on Stardog server

you can also look into :

Or else you can use the HTTP API. That's how we did CI/CD, with the advantage that your Stardog Server remains a dedicated Stardog Server and doesn't run a ton of extra services or scripts.
API Reference | ReDoc (

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