Cannot connect to localhost


I was trying Stardog Studio and wanted to connect it with a local stardog graph. But it doesnt want to connect. It does connect with a remote Stardog graph. I used the standard username and password and thefore the standard suggest settings in Stardog studio for connecting. When I try to connect studio with a local Stardog, it drops the following error:

Could not connect: request to http://localhost:5820/admin/users/valid failed, reason: connect EACCES

Can you verify that your Stardog server is running and bound to port 5820?

In addition to what Stephen said, there may be a firewall preventing connections to localhost. Do you know whether there is a firewall running on your local machine? On Windows, there is likely one enabled by default; for other operating systems, it will vary. If there is a firewall running, can you temporarily disable it to test whether that is in fact preventing the Studio connection?


Thanks, it was the firewall!

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