Unable to connect to sandbox

I am unable to connect to the sandbox via Stardog Studio using anonymous@https://sandbox.stardog.cloud:5820.

I get the following response:
The Stardog Server is not responding. Please check your server status or endpoint.

Not sure if it is something on my end or the connection string.

Is the connection string I am using correct?


Hi Barry,

Your connection string looks okay. Are you still unable to connect to Sandbox?



No, I cannot connect.

In case it matters, I am using the browser version of Stardog Studio (https://stardog.studio/#/).

Perhaps it is a firewall or proxy issue on my end, although I can connect to Studio itself, just not the sandbox database instance from Studio.


Thanks for the information. I can confirm the Sandbox database instance is up and responsive, suggesting the issue may be related to a proxy or firewall on your end.

Agreed. When I ran Studio from my personal laptop, off of the corporate network, it worked fine.

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