Cannot work out acceptable password for additional Cloud user

I'm trying to add an additional user to my Stardog Cloud instance. However any password I enter (whether in one or both boxes) keeps the password box red and the Add button disabled. There is as far as I can see no error message or help to say what the password constraints should be. Very frustrating!

Hi Pete, apologies for the lack of clarity on the required password complexity when adding a new user to your Stardog Cloud instance.

When you add a new user in Stardog Studio, you need to enter at least 4 characters, which is the only requirement.

So what else could be causing the password box to remain with a red border and the Add button to be disabled?


The documentation for Stardog password requirements is here: user passwd | Stardog Documentation Latest

The only other requirement beyond "at least 4 characters and at most 20 characters" is "no white space".

And you must enter the password twice (to confirm it), and those two entries must match.

If you're still not getting it to work, please post a screen shot.

Here's the screenshot. As you can see the Add button is disabled and the first Password box is red.


Apologies for giving you bad information about the minimum password length. In a Stardog Cloud-hosted instance, we increase the minimum required password length to 12 characters.

The password box remains red with 30 or more characters including a mix of numbers, upper-, lower-case and digits. However much I type it remains red.


Once you enter the same string (12 characters or more, no white space) in both the "Password" and "Confirm Password" boxes, the Add button will be enabled.

Again, I apologize for all the confusion on this. We can definitely improve our user experience in this dialog box.

Sorry for delay confirming - it was the presence of a space in the password that was killing it.
I've never come across that as a restriction before but over that hurdle now.