Can't add namespace

I'm running Stardog 7 with the latest Studio and can't seem to add a namespace. I offline the database, add the prefix and iri, hit the add button and everything looks fine but when I go to online the database it disappears.

There are no errors or warnings in Studio and none in the stardog.log log.

Adding it from the CLI worked fine and it showed up in Studio after adding it that way.

@zachary.whitley can you please confirm you are clicking the Save Changes button in the top right before putting the database back online?

When I tried to reproduce I first forgot to click Save Changes and saw the behavior you describe.

The next Studio release will include a revamped DB properties editor which moves namespaces to its own tab and allows them to be edited while the DB is online, which should make things clearer. We are also working to clarify how Studio handles dirty states throughout the app -- there should probably be a warning that switching the DB online without saving changes to its properties is a lossy operation.

I'll check it tonight but that's probably the problem. I completely missed the "Save Changes" button. Thanks

I can confirm that not clicking the Save Changes button was indeed the problem. Doh!

Thank you for confirming!

Just to add: this is a UX problem in Studio that we're working on resolving in some way.