Studio DB Create Problem - DB Name

I'm using the 'latest' (please include the version numbers explicitly in the file names) version of Stardog Studio, 1.13.1 and have run into a problem with naming a DB (which did not happen with an earlier version of Studio and Stardog
When I tried to create a DB with the name 'ERS3-NamedGraphs-SL' (and the default options) I received the error: 'Failed to create "ERS3-NamedGraphs-SL": Cannot re-add index information (Bad Request)'.
However, when I instead used the name 'ERS-NamedGraph-SL' (and used the default option) the DB was created. I can also create a DB with the name 'ERS3-NamedGraphs-DL' or even 'ERS-3-NamedGraphs-SL'. Odd behavior(s).
I would think this a bug.

Hi Todd!

It sounds like you’re hitting a current bug in our database creation logic. Creating the same database simultaneously is not allowed, but we are a bit too aggressive about how we deal with that scenario and not great with our error messages in this case.

We’ll have a fix out for the next release or so, but in the meantime the easiest workaround is to do what you already have and change the name of the database.

Note, I was not creating DBs simultaneously. But sequentially to narrow down the problem.