Unicode characters not detected when creating new DB using Stardog Studio

Using Stardog Studio, I connected to my newly created Stardog instance. I wanted to create a new database. The tooltip for database name specifies a regex to which the DB name needs to adhere.

I intentionally entered a unicode string "testovací". There was no error shown, so I tried to create the DB. I got an error toast saying "Could not create testovací: undefined".

That is not a nice behavior.

  1. There should be a checker for the regex, when a constraint like this is applied
  2. The error message should be more specific
  3. Why is there no support for unicode database names?


Thanks for this report. We agree that this is not great behavior. In the next version of Studio, the notification will display a more informative error message, and the database creation dialog will apply a regex test before allowing submission.

As you note, Stardog does not currently support unicode in database names. A database name must start with an alpha character followed by any alphanumeric characters or underscores. We don't have any immediate plans to loosen that restriction, but it's something that we'll consider putting on the roadmap.

Thanks again,

It might be nice to just expose the regex used for database name validation as a config property instead of unilaterally removing it, user names as well.

Just a suggestion. I'm sure there's some security related implication that I'm missing.