Convert ontology from CSV to OWL

I have an ontology with 2000 classes in an CSV file. I would like to transform it into OWL.
I have tried, protegé: fail
I was looking for an alternative with Stardog. Any idea ?

I would encourage you to not give up on Protege and Cellfie. You can go here: and sign up for the "User Support for Protege and Web Protege" mailing list. Then post a question describing the problem you are having with Cellfie. Cellfie is a bit temperamental and there are a few known bugs but as long as you work around the minor bugs (which is usually easy once you know them) it can be a very powerful and easy to use tool. Also, the people from Stanford who develop Cellfie watch the Protege list very often and usually respond within a few hours or a day at most with very helpful feedback.

Another option is to use Python and an API. There is a great Python library for reading CSV files. I use it all the time to read in CSV and transform each line into an instance in my ontology and each column into a data or object property. Here is an example file I'm using right now for an ontology on Dental Materials: You won't be able to directly use that file because there are some things hard coded for my specific ontology and also I'm using a different triplestore for that project but it shows how little code you need to read in data using Python. Good luck.


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Thanks Michael !
I'll persevere.

You're welcome. BTW, I realized that since I've been working on my own on that project I haven't done a great job of documenting the code. If you want to try using Python and have questions you can contact me directly via my GitHub site. Good luck!