Explorer does not visualize attributes in graph? WAI?

I have DatatypeProperties / Attributes in my data - I see them in query builder:

And when I use them to query the data, I get a result. But then I don't see the actual attribute in the result visualization: Screenshot by Lightshot (I only see the object properties here).

I also don't see any attributes in the general visualization of the graph (i.e. with no query active, just plain viewing the graph) - only object properties: Screenshot by Lightshot

Is this working as intended?

Hi Susanne,

Yes, this is intended. Attributes are not shown in the visualization for Explorer. The attribute values for each class instance can be viewed by right-clicking the instance and selecting See details. A details panel will open, showing all properties (objectProperties/relationship and datatypeProperties/attributes) for that instance.

This details panel can also be opened from the list view by clicking on any list result.