GitHub Commit Summary for 10 Feb 2017

Some noteworthy PRs this week:

  1. Scott Fines pushed his zk reorg branch that cleans up some corner cases and inefficiencies in how we use Zookeeper in Stardog Cluster
  2. Pedro Oliveira added some new functionality to the obfuscate command to handle data files more cleanly. He also changed how we handled named graphs in search for performance improvement.
  3. Pavel Klinov merged a new branch for statistics
  4. Paul Marshall pushed updates to our Cluster testing tool, Blockade, including adding docs and testing Stardog’s ACLs

Here’s a rundown of Github activity this week:

  • 12 active PRs: 8 merged by 5 engineers; 4 proposed by 3 engineers
  • 18 active issues: 10 closed by 3 engineers, 8 new opened by 4 engineers

8 Stardog developers pushed 9 commits to develop and 68 commits to all Stardog branches.

On develop, we changed 41 files: 1,010 additions and 911 deletions.

Commits by nationality is fun since flag emojis rock!

32 commits by :ru:
27 commits by :us:
07 commits by :portugal:
02 commits by :tr: