GitHub Commit Summary for 24 February 2017

(Kendall Clark) #1

Some noteworthy PRs this week:

  1. John Bresnahan removed virtual appliance in favor of Stardog Graviton
  2. Pedro Oliveira added query optimization hints; yay, hints in Stardog 5!
  3. Scott Fines merged the Zk reorganization branch that’s faster and more stable
  4. Jess Balint requested merge of Vega 1.0, the new Stardog virtual graphs engine

Here’s a rundown of Github activity this week:

Excluding merges, 11 engineers pushed 11 commits to develop and 59 commits to all branches. On develop, 228 files changed: 10,018 additions and 12,588 deletions.

11 active PRs: 5 merged by 5 engineers; 6 proposed by 4 engineers

1 active issues: 1 closed by 1 engineers

Commits by nationality is fun since immigrants deserve equal dignity and respect!

45 commits by :us:
06 commits by :ru:
01 commits by :portugal:
07 commits by :tr:

(zachary.whitley) #2

Is the new virtual graphs engine going to be exclusively relational database or can it be extended to other data sources? I seem to remember some discussion a while ago about generalizing it and having it assume what would now be done with property functions.

(Kendall Clark) #3

We switched to a native implementation exactly so that it’s sane to extend to non-RDBMS sources. We will be working on that during the 5.x cycle. The initial release will be relational and CVS.