GitHub Commit Summary for 17 Feb 2017

(Kendall Clark) #1

Some noteworthy PRs this week:

  1. Pavel Klinov’s new stats branch for Stardog 5 was improved and re-merged. Will improve some kinds of queries dramatically.
  2. Paul Marshall’s chaos testing for Stardog 5 was merged to the official test suite. Cluster in S5 will be significantly more resilient.
  3. Al Baker merged a new NativeLock implementation which is more sane for managing Stardog Server.
  4. Paul Marshall also pushed updates for very long-running query testing to Blockade.
  5. Pedro Oliveira initiated a PR for query hints in Stardog 5. The 5.x cycle will see lots of new hints using this framework.
  6. Evren Sirin fixed some Duration bugs reported by customer.
  7. And while nothing will hit master for some time, Scott Fines started work on Project Mastiff which will prototype a new disk-layer (LSM Trees and dictionary) using RocksDB.

Here’s a rundown of Github activity this week:

  • Excluding merges, 11 authors pushed 6 commits to develop and 136 commits to all branches. On develop, 33 files changed: 965 additions and 401 deletions.
  • 12 active PRs: 7 merged by 5 engineers; 5 proposed by 4 engineers
  • 10 active issues: 3 closed by 2 engineers, 7 new opened by 5 engineers

Commits by nationality is fun since borders aren’t real!

75 commits by :us:
49 commits by :ru:
09 commits by :portugal:
03 commits by :tr: