GitHub Commit Summary for 10 March 2017

(Kendall Clark) #1


Engineering team had face-to-face meetings in DC last week, so this week’s activity reflects that.

Some noteworthy PRs this week:

In an epic battle with the gods of version control, Pavel Klinov and Alex Toktarev merged the native memory management branch that’s been under development for 6 months. Happiness is a warm cache and zero GC. :fire:

Here’s a rundown of Github activity this week:

13 active users. Excluding merges, 9 engineers pushed 3 commits to develop and 311 commits to all branches. On develop, 37 files changed: 920 additions and 381 deletions.

8 active PRs: 3 merged by 3 engineers; 5 proposed by 3 engineers

4 active issues closed by 2 engineers.
9 issues created by 4 engineers.

Commits by nationality is fun since immigrants deserve equal dignity and respect!

72 commits by :us:
238 (!) commits by :ru:
1 commits by :portugal:

Stardog Studio

Stardog Studio is the nex-gen client-facing “front end” for Stardog. It will eventually include functionality like:

  • Stardog IDE
  • Support for notebook-style data exploration via Apache Zeppelin
  • Stardog and cluster management

We haven’t made the first public release of Stardog Studio yet, but it’s coming. The first release will add basic IDE support for all core Stardog languages (RDF, SPARQL, Stardog Rule Syntax, Stardog Mapping Syntax, and OWL). We’re using Visual Studio Code and loving it. It’s fast, easy to extend, and the Studio team loves Typescript and Intellisense.

Some noteworthy PRs this week:

  • Mark Ellis merged Stardog Mapping Syntax grammar :sparkles: and :turtle: grammar, too
  • Adam Bretz merged IntelliSense integration and support for remote Stardog databases and stored namespaces
  • Adam Bretz merged remote query execution support

Here’s a rundown of Github activity this week:

Excluding merges, 2 engineers pushed 10 commits to master and 10 commits to all branches. On master, 24 files changed: 1,046 additions and 394 deletions.

8 active PRs: 8 merged by 2 engineers.