Stardog 5.0.1 - Schema Browser not working


Schema browser (in chrome/safari/firefox) isn't working for us anymore since we upgraded to Stardog 5.0.1 (not sure if this is specifically since 5.0.1 or since earlier version og 5. Version 4 was working fine).

Here is what we're seeing in the console:

And the network tab for the classes request (note the content length is 0).

No errors in the log.



Script for creating database:
./stardog-admin db create -n testSesame \ -o security.named.graphs=true \ icv.enabled=true \ icv.reasoning.enabled=true \,,,, \ preserve.bnode.ids=true \ query.all.graphs=true \ reasoning.type=SL \ reasoning.schema.graphs= \ --

And ontology:

Thanks for the report. We’ll look into this and let you know what we’ll find.

Hi, i faces exactly the same problem.

The dataset is this:

Hi guys,

After looking into this it turns out the issue is with the Schema Browsers mis-handling of UTF-8 characters. A fix has been submitted and it will be included in the next release.