Stardog tableau web connector

We have been using the stardog tableau web connector, this has stopped working, with an “unknown error message”.

It can make a connection, as it will show the databases in the server, but nothing is returned except for the error. We have not made changes to our server, or to the Tableau desktop. We have tried versions 10.5 and 2018.1.1 of the Tableau desktop with the same results. we are using version 5.2 of Stardog.

Can you help to see what can be wrong?

we are trying very simple queries just to get something returned. Again, this was working and seems to have stopped. Has there been a change in



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It turns out a bug was introduced in our 1.6.1 WDC in conjunction with one of the libraries used. We have deployed a 1.6.2 version to which fixes this issue.

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