Adding new class and data to KG Training C360 data set

I am trying to add a Returned class with data of returns that is in a CSV file to the KG Training C360 database. I have created 3 rows of sample returned products in a CSV file. I have worked with Designer to create a new model with the Returned class and published that model. When I try to run any query starting with the new Returned class in Explorer nothing is being returned. I am attaching 4 screen captures from Designer, Explorer, and Excel.

Here is the CSV file I am attempting to load.

Hi Ed, the values in the "returnCard" column need to align with the primary identifier that actually makes a credit card unique. In the KG Training Kit, "visa 79" and "americanexpress 9632" values are labels applied to the credit card instances to make them more human readable in Explorer. If you use the values below they will line up with how the credit cards are defined with unique identifiers in the KG Training Kit.

visa 79 - c3d80d29-9e75-45ba-96da-9fdfa93460e5
americanexpress 9632 - c360:cards:3d2619fe-37da-40e5-9fbe-465572f0243e

To find a unique identifier you can find them in Explorer by resetting the graph from one of these credit cards instances as seen below.


or in Studio by running a query like this:

select ?creditCardIri ?creditCardLabel 
FROM stardog:context:named {
  ?creditCardIri a <tag:stardog:api:ecomm:CreditCard>;
                 rdfs:label ?creditCardLabel.
FILTER(?creditCardLabel="visa 79")


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thank you.